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Run for Volunteer!

Help us to give life to Dreams!

The Smart Innovation Festival will be a unique attraction in Silea of creative and innovative talents, from September 15 to 17, 2017. The ingredients to accomplish are varied, for sure a lot of passion, being visionary and awareness that together the potentials of everyone will be strengthened are of great use. The contribution of the volunteers will be precious in order to contribute to the realization of such a great event! Volunteers will be a great added value for the Festival!

Everyone can participate and become a volunteer! If you want to give a hand and help the organizers you will find many activities you can contribute to: preparing the venues of the Festival, giving information to the public, welcoming them, involving and guiding them, giving information about the program and dealing with relational and organizational aspects of conferences, workshops by supporting speakers, guests and visitors. You can also contribute to the Festival as a driver and assistant of speakers and guests, or you can supply with the documents, such as videos and photographs. Do you have a social media account? Then you can highlight the Smart Innovation Festival on social channels, and much more!

The participation of volunteers in the Festival is fundamental! We thank you in advance for your precious collaboration!

If you want to feel part of a great event, enjoy yourself, place your skills and abilities available to the community, and thus contribute to the success of the Festival, fill in the form and you will be contacted by the organizers.

For any information you can write to volontari@festivalsmartinnovation.it

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