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Become a Partner of the Festival

The Smart Innovation Festival is a new event conceived by the Municipality of Silea in collaboration with the cultural Association Laboratorio Archimede in order to promote the world of innovation, the tech world and to inspire to the scientific culture, already engine of development and our youth’s future.

Silea, through the Festival, wants to propose the innovation in a way which is accessible to everyone. Families, schools, researchers, markers, startuppers and business world will be the protagonists of the meeting of ideas, projects, prototypes, digital and technological innovation.

The Festival will be a marketplace where the world of school, research and undertaking will meet, face and influence each other, so that the entrepreneurial minds and their creations become a common value and good.

Innovation and creativity are the keywords of the three days of the Festival, expressed through laboratories, workshops, exhibits, conferences, interactive sessions of scientific and technological disclosure, with occasions of networking and visibility to answer the speed of the market change.

Approaching coding and the tech world by having fun, attracting the female universe, and filling the digital gap, are important aims of the event.

NEW IDEAS will meet at the Smart Innovation Festival!

Sponsor the Festival!

The changes happen, let’s create the conditions!

The creativity in the search of solutions to the problems has always characterized the North-east companies and the industrial tradition of Veneto. We show to young generations how technologies enter our laboratories! Sponsor the Festival! Highlight your company! Inspire new talents!

Why to support the Smart Innovation Festival?

The Festival is a big opportunity to give exposure to your brand, product, service or innovation, and to create significant contacts between companies and the audience.

The Festival will treat many themes about digital and technological innovation and it will be the occasion for the launch of new products, the contamination of ideas, the open innovation.

Are you interested in becoming Partner or Sponsor of the Festival, in joining forces with us and building the future?

You can support the Festival in many ways, economically, but also with initiatives that increase your company. You can support a project related to your activity, a conference, through a partnership with the organizers of the Festival.

Laboratories and conferences will analyse very current themes regarding economic development:

  • Robots
  • Robotics and rehabilitation
  • New careers. The fourth industrial revolution
  • Industry 4.0
  • I am creative
  • Startup – innovative and successful ideas
  • Co-work and co-create
  • Technologies that simplify everyday life
  • Domotics
  • App and Internet of Things
  • Producing science and knowledge suitable to the market

If you want to propose other similar topics, or partnerships, you can discuss them and develop a new project with the Festival organizers.

All Festival supporters are important!

Companies, Institutions, organizations, associations, citizens and anyone who will support it with services and equipment.
In order for the Festival to be realized in the best possible way and for the promotion of all the initiatives and participants, sponsorship for the services, (such as video and audio recordings, hospitality facilities for the speakers of the conferences), and sponsorship for equipment or in-kind support (such as computer equipment, installations, tables, chairs) will be needed, as well as various materials, prints and gadgets.

The Municipality of Silea has arranged a call for the sponsorship of the Festival to give visibility to Partners and Sponsors. There are different levels of sponsorship and initiatives to support the Festival, which will provide a feedback in terms of image and benefits for the supporters.

If you are interested in becoming Partner or Sponsor of the Festival or in getting to know the opportunities resulting from the promotion of the initiatives, fill in the form or contact us writing to sponsor@festivalsmartinnovation.it

The expenses of sponsorship are completely deductible from the business income.
Sponsor the Festival!

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